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November  2018   Issue Vol. 7  No. 2 

Admin - How To
Running Linux on Windows Using VirtualBox
Many Windows users, especially those thinking of transiting to Linux, would like to first try out the latter on their Windows machines. Hereís a way to run Linux on a Windows machine. This article is also a good start for beginners who are new to virtualisation, since it will help them set up their own Linux labs using VirtualBox.

Developers - Overview
The Best Open Source IDEs for Windows Developers
The use of IDEs has become a part of the best practices adopted for developing software applications. IDEs can greatly enhance the coding experience and aid the coding process for software development by providing various facilities like code assist and debugging.
Developers - Insight
Get Started with ML.NET, the Open Source and Cross-platform Machine Learning Framework for .NET
ML.NET is an open source cross-platform machine learning (ML) framework for .NET. It works with .NET, C# or F# to integrate custom machine learning into your ML models. The advantage of using it is that you donít need any prior expertise in developing or tuning machine learning models!
For U & Me - Insight
Managing the Big Data Deluge in Enterprises with Hadoop
Data is the new oil of the modern digital economy. Across the globe, enterprises are generating data at a pace like never before. This data is in different formats and from various sources ó millions of financial transactions, sensor data from IoT devices, industrial processes and automobiles, and from our ubiquitous smartphones, fueled by our addiction to social media. So letís have a look at why Big Data is so important and why Hadoop is a life saver when it comes to the analysis of this data.
OpenGurus - Let's Try
iFogSim: An Open Source Simulator for Edge Computing, Fog Computing and IoT
iFogSim enables the modelling and simulation of fog computing to evaluate resource management and scheduling policies across edge and cloud resources under different scenarios.
Admin - How To
DevOps Series Hardening of Parabola
Every computer offers security measures to isolate it from outside attacks. In this 21st article in the DevOps series, we will learn how to harden, automate and verify a Parabola GNU/Linux-libre system using Ansible.
Developers - Let's Try
H2O: The Versatile Tool for Deep Learning
The H2O project developed by provides users tools for data analysis, allowing them to fit thousands of potential models when trying to discover patterns in data. It is a very versatile tool since it is supported by various programming languages like R, Python and MATLAB.
For U & Me - Insight
The Power of Ingredient Branding
In the first article in this series, I defined what ingredient branding is, covering its benefits as well as the importance of being the first in a product segment to implement it. I shared the case studies of Intel and Dolby to illustrate this. Two more very interesting case studies, that of NVIDIA and Zeiss, endorse the power of ingredient branding further.
For U & Me - Overview
Five Popular Open Source Photo Viewers for Windows
Windows 10 has done away with the photo viewer altogether. Many users miss it since a photo viewer is needed. Thankfully, there are many open source options available. Here is a selection of some of the best.
For U & Me - Overview
Tech Platforms that Improve and Secure Digital Businesses
Security threats, data leakage risks, increasing workloads and many such challenges demand real-time solutions from enterprises in order to prevent massive business losses in terms of money and customers.

Open Source India 2018: A Report
Conference tracks and workshops that focused on cutting-edge technologies, and a record-breaking audience that ranged from CIOs, tech heads and evangelists to academicians, DIYers and students, were the hallmarks of this yearís edition of Open Source India. Hereís a quick review of all that happened over two days in October at Bengaluru.
Admin - Overview
Top Open Source Tools to Help You Manage OpenStack Servers
OpenStack is an open source platform comprising a set of software tools to build and manage cloud computing platforms for public and private cloud infrastructure. Managing OpenStackís functionality at the enterprise level is a prime requirement for todayís large scale cloud deployment. Systems administrators have a hard time when selecting open source tools for the management of OpenStack.
Admin - Overview
Eight Efficient Open Source Tools Sysadmins Can Use to Build VPNs
A virtual private network (VPN) acts as a secure tunnel, which extends over a public or shared network, so that data can be exchanged anonymously and securely across the Internet, just like using a private network. In this article, sysadmins can get an insight into the best free and open source VPN tools available.
Admin - Insight
Apache Spark and Developing Applications Using Spark Streaming
Apache Spark is a unified analytics engine for Big Data processing, with built-in modules for streaming, SQL, machine learning and graph processing. This article covers various aspects of Spark and Spark Streaming.
Admin - Insight
Open Source Firewalls: The Best in the Business
Firewalls form a vital part of the network security system, isolating the network from all kinds of intrusions. This article discusses some open source firewalls that the author believes are the best available.
Developers - How To
A Python Program to Help You Back Up Your Files

Lost or deleted files are a common phenomenon. To ensure file and folder security, prudence dictates you take a backup. To avoid the drudgery of physically doing so every now and then, it is best to automate the process. The author has created a Python program for just such a situation.
Developers - Let's Try
The Resurgence of Perl
In this article and in the ensuing articles in this series, the author will be highlighting a resurgent Perl.
Developers - Overview
Six Popular and Easy-to-Use Android Developer Tools for Windows
The popularity of the Android OS has soared with smartphones and handheld computing devices becoming mainstream. While Android is a Linux OS, it is flexible enough to have developer tools based on Windows. This article discusses a few important Android developer tools for Windows.
Developers - Insight
Open Source Tools for Android that Work on Windows
Android devices have captured the smart products market and are to be found everywhere. Windows developers who wish to develop Android apps can use open source developer tools that work on the Windows platform. This article introduces some of the best among these.
Developers - Insight
Linux Apps on ChromeOS
In this series of articles, the author, who likes to explore different software and hardware devices, outlines his experiences with Linux apps on a Chromebook.
Exploring Software - Guest Column
Linux Apps on ChromeOS
In this series of articles, the author, who likes to explore different software and hardware devices, outlines his experiences with Linux apps on a Chromebook.

In this monthís column, we discuss a new natural language processing task for detecting adverse drug reactions from clinical/medical texts.

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