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June  2019   Issue Vol. 7  No. 9 

For U & Me - Overview
DevOps and Agile: A Successful Project Needs Both
Both the DevOps and Agile approaches are good for software development. Though both focus on different aspects of software development, each complements the other to produce robust, reliable, efficient and quality software in the shortest possible timeframe. This article goes into the differences between DevOps and Agile, and how beneficial it is when both work in tandem.

Admin - How To
Automating Infrastructure Management with Puppet
Maintaining infrastructure configuration in the optimal state is a complex task. The heterogeneity in software and hardware configurations makes the task difficult. Puppet enables the seamless automation of infrastructure management, thus reducing the burden on the systems administrator . This article introduces you to the features of Puppet.
For U & Me - Overview
Choosing DevOps as a Career: Things You Should Know
DevOps is the new buzzword in the IT field, following Agile and Scrum. People with DevOps skills are in great demand because businesses get great results from it. Let’s explore what DevOps is all about, what DevOps engineers do, and how readers could build careers in this space.
Developers - Insight
Understanding CI and CD: The Two Pillars of the DevOps Culture
This article is about understanding continuous integration and continuous delivery, which are pillars of the DevOps culture. Building quality software that meets the expectations of the client requires, among other things, constant monitoring and improvement in the code. This can be automated very efficiently through DevOps practices.
Admin - How To
Troubleshooting Network Issues: An Introduction
In this first part of a series of articles on network troubleshooting, the author covers the basics of networking, such as testing connectivity, scanning the network ports of other servers, communication with a remote service, and a few other networking concepts.
How to License and Monetise Open Source Software
This article looks at the basics of open source licensing to help readers monetise the open source software that they develop.
Developers - Let's Try
Pipeline as a Code: A Brief Look at Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean is a Jenkins plugin that enhances the user experience based on a personalised modern design. It has been built from the ground up to provide an interactive view of the Jenkins pipeline. It reduces the clutter and increases clarity for all users.
For U & Me - Insight
Why Enterprises Should Opt for Open Source DevOps Tools
The need to develop software and applications more efficiently, to save redundancy, shorten time to market, and improve reliability and speed, has spawned the DevOps project. Traditionally developed apps are not adaptable to the rapid and sweeping changes engulfing the IT arena. DevOps provides a way to overcome these obstacles. And DevOps powered by open source is a formidable combination.
Developers - Let's Try
How Membership Service Providers Govern Hyperledger Fabric
This article continues our discussions on the Hyperledger Fabric project. It is aimed at open source technology enthusiasts who are interested in blockchain technologies and have a working knowledge of the Hyperledger Fabric project.
For U & Me - Interview
“The cloud is a great leveller when building new applications”
With all the disruption under way, it has probably never been more challenging to be a business leader. Today, leaders — and software developers — are measured on their ability to innovate, reduce costs and manage risks. To understand how this disruption is happening in the cloud and database industry, Ankita K.S. from the EFY Group had a chat with Ravi Pinto, director – product management, Oracle Cloud Platform, at the Oracle Code 2019 event held at Bengaluru. Excerpts follow…
For U & Me - Overview
Optimising Data Centres a Must to Shape the Smart Cities of Tomorrow
Smart cities bring together technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and self-driving cars to change the way we live and do business. This article looks at how data centres will benefit from the emergence of smart cities, which will require lots of connectivity, data storage and compute power for analytics.
For U & Me - Overview
The Dawn of the DevOps Decade
Trending in today’s software development world is the DevOps culture. No more are monolith apps being developed with reams and reams of code. For the progressive developers of today, DevOps has become the way to work.
For U & Me - Overview
The Path to Becoming a DevOps Engineer
Career choices can often baffle newbies. Knowledge is the key in making a decision. Here’s a guide to career options in the DevOps engineering field. This article will guide new entrants to the IT industry on the many roles that DevOps engineers can assume, the job requirements and the certifications necessary to obtain those positions in the IT industry. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
For U & Me - Overview
How Business Processes are Evolving with the IoT
All business processes need to be future-proof and adaptable when dealing with technological advances. Many businesses are already using the Internet of Things (IoT). As the technology becomes more and more integrated into our lives, business processes will have to adapt and evolve to keep pace with these changing times.
Developers - Overview
Dynamic Test Orchestration Using Docker Swarm
This article covers various aspects of test orchestration in Docker Swarm. It explains the running of applications in Docker Swarm, and guides the reader through the process of testing while scaling containers up or tearing them down.
Developers - Overview
The Top Ten Open Source DevOps Projects of 2018
This article is to make readers aware about the top ten open source DevOps projects that are extensively used today. It is aimed at developers and DevOps engineers who use open source tools, so that they can improve their current software development life cycles.
Developers - Insight
An Overview of H2O: An Open Source AI Platform
According to the H2O official website, “ is the creator of the leading open source machine learning and artificial intelligence platform trusted by hundreds of thousands of data scientists, driving value in over 18,000 enterprises globally. Our vision is to democratise intelligence for everyone with our award winning ‘AI to do AI’ data science platforms.”
Developers - Insight
Identity Management in Hyperledger Sawtooth Transaction Families
This article follows several earlier ones on Hyperledger Sawtooth. It explores the concept of identity and its various ramifications in Hyperledger Sawtooth. It is targeted at open source technology enthusiasts with an interest in blockchain technologies and those who have a working knowledge of the Hyperledger Sawtooth project.
Developers - Let's Try
Simplify Database Migration by Using Object Relational Mapping
Web applications are developed using different programming languages for various components. Effecting changes to the database applications within the app is a cumbersome process and is time consuming. Object relational mapping is a lazy person’s way out, making it simple to migrate data.
Developers - Let's Try
Behat: A DevOps Based Open Source Framework for Behaviour Driven Development
Behat is a test framework for behaviour driven development, written in the PHP programming language. It is free, open source and is hosted on GitHub. It supports developers by providing continuous communication, deliberate discovery and test automation.
Developers - Let's Try
An Overview of Jenkins
The Jenkins project was originally named Hudson, but was later renamed after a dispute with Oracle. Jenkins helps to automate those parts of the software development process that do not involve humans. Jenkins is important as it is a continuous integration, continuous delivery tool, that is easy to use for the end-to-end automation of an application’s life cycle management phases.
Developers - Let's Try
The Emacs Series Exploring dash.el
This is the second part of the series of articles on dash.el. In this article, we will continue to explore the functions provided by dash.el — a list library for Emacs released under the GNU General Public License v3.0.
Exploring Software - Guest Column
Modelling an Instant Run-off Election Using NetLogo
It is election time in India and the whole country is watching the latest election news, discussing the functioning of EVMs and the code these use, and talking about which party will form the new government. The author takes this opportunity to explore a different kind of electoral system, in which votes are given to candidates in order of preference. We explore the code in such a situation, and look at how the winner is determined.

In this month’s column, we discuss the topic of testing natural language processing (NLP) applications.
For U & Me - Overview
Latest Technologies to Enhance the Performance of Memories
Several initiatives have been taken to improve the performance of memories. The aim is to achieve lower power consumption by memories and higher memory speed. Hybrid DRAM, Flash and CPU module architecture speed up in-memory operations significantly.
Admin - How To
Visualise Your Delivery Pipeline in Real-Time with Hygieia
Hygieia is an open source project that enables the user to visualise the entire delivery pipeline. It adds support for multiple teams and a corresponding consolidated view into a program-level dashboard. Hygieia integrates widgets from story tracking, the repository, build, quality, etc, which enables easy access to important DevOps metrics.
Admin - Let's Try Build, Manage and Maintain Docker Environments
This article introduces – a lightweight UI that allows the user to easily manage Docker hosts or Swarm clusters. Portainer consists of a single container that can run on any Docker engine. It is easy to install and run, requiring just a few commands.

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